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Joining the club

Ladies teamWe offer a range of membership types. Annual membership runs from the 1st April each year, with discounts for two adults living at the same address. There is also a discount for joining early (before 1st April) and a reducing scale for those joining late (after 1st October). Your membership fee includes use of the courts and access to our online court booking system.

There is an additional fee for using the floodlights.

Not sure? How about a one month trial membership - if you subsequently join, we will reduce the annual fee by that amount.

Students and Juniors (under 18) can join at a discounted rate, with further reductions for juniors if they have a parent / guardian or grandparent who is a full playing member.

"Restricted" adult membership is also available for parents who only wish to play with their children during off-peak hours.

Juniors who are granted "senior status" by the coach may play as adults at club mix-in sessions.

Under 10s can join for mini-tennis.

Social (non-playing) membership is also available.

Payment may be made by a variety of methods, including online payment via GoCardless.

Clicking on the button will take you to our membership site.

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Trial Membership

Join for one month at £25. Normally only a single month is allowed, after which trial members are then invited to join on an annual membership (at a fee reduced by the cost of the trial membership). For Trial Membership, contact our Membership Secretary on 01303 259461 or email membershipsecretaryhltc@gmail.com.